October 8 - 10, 2016

The Historic Traveling Camporee is a three-day weekend adventure by
chartered bus, and is an event designed to expose our Boy Scout youth and leaders to,
and expand their knowledge of, our country’s heritage. It is fun, educational and one-of-a-kind ~
one of Scouting’s mountaintop experiences. Out of almost three hundred councils across the
United States, Northeastern Pennsylvania Council is the “ONLY” Boy Scout Council to host
biennial Traveling Camporees on a regular basis. How many opportunities do YOU
have to participate in a weekend Camporee by chartered bus?

On this year’ exciting trip, we visit a North American natural wonder, Niagara Falls!
The Falls flow with scenic might through Niagara Falls State Park. And just beyond its waterfall
vistas, Niagara is filled with splendid discoveries and fantastic attractions.

Pictures are great, but getting close enough to touch Niagara Falls inspires genuine awe.
Millions of gallons of water rocket over Niagara Falls every minute – about 750,000 gallons each
second! There’s no closer place to “feel Niagara’s flow” than from the decks, boats, vista
points and trails of Niagara Falls State Park - America’s oldest state park.

With sparkling scenery year-round, thrilling attractions, family-friendly and interactive
exhibits, miles of hiking trails and delectable dining options, Niagara Falls State Park gets
you closer to the Falls than anywhere else. The park features classic adventures and venues to
make the most of your trip, and no passport is needed to experience the American
side of the unforgettable and breathtaking Niagara Falls.

Dine at the Top of the Falls Restaurant, stand within feet of the Falls at the Cave
of the Winds Tour, meet the legends and daredevils of Niagara in the Niagara: Legends of
Adventure movie, make friends with the sea life at the Aquarium of Niagara and let the
water cascade around you during the Maid of the Mist® boat ride.
It’s all here – start planning your Troop or Crew’s Niagara Falls experience today.

Join us for this activity-packed weekend ~ and a mountain-top
experience on 2016’s exciting and educational 14th biennial
Traveling Camporee to Niagara Falls, NY!  


Saturday – October 8, 2016
  6:00 a.m. Arrive at PNC Field
  Load buses
  6:30 a.m. Leave PNC Field
10:00 a.m. Arrive at Corning Museum of Glass
  Self tour Corning Museum of Glass
12:00 p.m. Board buses – leave for Old Fort Niagara
  Eat lunch on or the bus upon leaving
  3:15 p.m. Arrive at Old Fort Niagara
  3:30 p.m. Program at Old Fort Niagara
  6:15 p.m. Leave Fort for supper at Old Country Buffet in Buffalo
  6:45 p.m. Arrive at Old Country Buffet
  8:45 p.m. Leave for campsite at Four Mile Creek State Park
  9:00 p.m. Arrive at Four Mile Creek & set up camp
  9:30 p.m. Hotel people leave with bus drivers
 10:00 p.m. Cracker barrel and leader’s meeting
 11:00 p.m. Lights out – big day tomorrow

Sunday – October 9, 2016

  6:30 a.m. Reveille
  7:00 a.m. Breakfast in camp
  8:00 a.m. Board buses for Presbyterian & Catholic churches in Youngstown
  8:15 a.m. Arrive at respective churches
10:00 a.m. Board buses for Niagara Falls
10:30 a.m. Arrive in Niagara Falls to spend the day
  Lunch on your own
  Supper on your own
8:00 p.m. Board buses at Niagara Falls State Park parking lot for camp
8:30 p.m. Arrive back at camp
8:45 p.m.
Hotel people leave with bus drivers
9:15 p.m.  Cracker barrel and leader’s meeting
10:30 p.m. Lights out – another big day tomorrow

Monday – October 10, 2016

  6:30 a.m. Reveille
  7:00 a.m. Breakfast in camp
  Break down camp
  Start packing buses as soon as they arrive back in camp
  8:15 a.m. Board buses for Niagara Falls Power Vista in Lewiston
  8:45 a.m. Arrive at Niagara Falls Power Vista  
  9:00 a.m. Self tour Power Vista
10:20 a.m. Leave Power Vista for Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park
11:00 a.m. Arrive at Naval & Military Park 
  1:30 p.m Leave Naval & Military Park 
 2:00 p.m. Arrive at Old Country Buffet, Transit Rd. Buffalo 
 3:45 p.m. Leave Old Country Buffet for home 
 __:__p.m. Supper on the road at your discretion 
  9:30 p.m. Arrive back at PNC Field


Information Sheet


$225 per person – Fee includes transportation, all meals, camping at Four Mile Creek State Park, admission to all venues and Camporee patch.  Optional expenses may be souvenirs, snacks and/or added attractions as decided by your individual troop or crew.


  • By Troop or Crew – at least two registered adult leaders MUST BE in attendance from each Troop or Crew registering. Reminder: ALL leaders and/or parents MUST be registered with their Troop or Crew and MUST have completed Youth  Protection Training and PA Background Clearances!)
  • 2nd-Yr. Webelos if invited by their Troop only! (MUST attend with a parent, who must be registered with their unit first, [if not already registered as a leader] and will need to complete Youth Protection Training and PA Background Clearances!)
  • Individual Scouts – any “registered” Boy Scout or Venturer. Individual Scouts must go with a parent or connect with  a Troop or Crew already signed up. (Note: If not already registered, a parent must register with their Troop or Crew first and will need to complete Youth Protection Training and PA Background Clearances.) 

Note: Please remember….this is a weekend campout – accompanying adults (and Scouts) MUST “be prepared” for all contingencies. You will be doing a LOT of walking!!!”


A $50.00 “non refundabledeposit for EACH individual attendingwill reserve your seat. Deposits can be transferred to a new participant, but cannot be returned or transferred to an individual already registered!” Deposits made by May 31st will guarantee you a seat on the bus! As buses fill up, you will be placed on a waiting list until there are enough reservations to fill the next bus. Early registrants will be assured a seat on the first two buses. Don’t delay – this trip is going to be a popular one! After initial deposit is made, payments can be made in $35 increments until paid off. Payment in full is due on or before September 10th, 2016. Any payments made after September 10th will be required to add a $25 late fee!  Note:  payment books are available if you would like to pay off your balance in monthly increments; however, payment books are not necessary to make a payment, or even to use at all.  If your Troop or Crew will be having a large group of participants attending, you are strongly encouraged to have each family’s check deposited into your unit account; and then pay for your whole group at the Scout Shop with one unit check.  


“Class A” Scout field uniforms ARE REQUIRED! (pants, shirt, socks, belt –Scout hat). This is the uniform of the Boy Scouts of America. Remember, we are going to be ambassadors of our Northeastern Pennsylvania Council and the Boy Scouts of America. PLEASE keep shirts tucked in! General neatness is the order of the day. NO camouflage clothing is allowed! (Leaders and Senior Patrol Leaders are responsible for enforcing this rule.) Should you need it, here is a link to the official Boy Scout and Scout Leader Inspection forms:  


We will be using Avery Transportation, Inc.chartered, 47-passenger, climate-controlled, motor coaches with restroom facilities. Departure time from PNC Field (RailRiders Baseball Stadium on Montage Mt. Road) will be 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 8th. Plan on arriving at the stadium at 5:30 a.m. Return arrival time will be approximately 9:30 p.m., Monday, October 10th. A minimum number of cars may be left in the Stadium’s parking lot over the weekend. You will be directed where to park. Keep in mind, that the Stadium will not be responsible for your car, so leave it at your own discretion! 


These are basic items – a full checklist is included in the complete registration packet. Each person must bring a tent or share a tent with another Scout from his troop (or parent). Also, sleeping bag, uniform, change of clothing, extra socks, underwear (also long underwear & soft gloves, if weather indicates), toiletries, flashlight, spending money, day pack, water bottle, rain gear, jacket, personal first aid kit, note pad, pen and some optional items – camera and pedometer. Remember….BE PREPARED for any kind of weather! Note: ALL sleeping bags must be placed inside a stuff bag or extra strong garbage bag. NO LOOSE SLEEPING BAGS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE BUS! – in order to avoid lost or misplaced gear, ALL” GEAR MUST BE MARKED WITH YOUR NAME or INITIALS & YOUR TROOP or CREW NUMBER! Use duct tape or waterproof tags!


Because of limited space on the bus, NO large, external frame backpacks, fold-up cots, foot lockers, large picnic coolers or other unnecessary gear will be permitted. A duffel or gym bag is best. AGAIN…MARK YOUR NAME and UNIT NUMBER ON YOUR GEAR! Due to ICC regulations, “NO” liquid fuel or propane tanks or canisters may be carried on board or in the underneath storage bays of the bus!

Bus Captain


BUS CAPTAIN - "A Great Volunteer Position"

Duties include, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Being in charge of your bus
  • Assisting in loading and unloading equipment on your bus
  • Doing accurate head counts (don’t want to leave anyone behind)
  • Making sure meal monies, if any, are distributed appropriately
  • Helping the bus driver get to the right destination
  • Helping your group stay on time and that they stick to their itinerary
  • Finding answers to your leader’s questions
  • Attending bus captain’s meetings before and during the trip
  • Relaying information back to your group after these meetings

Bottom line……helping to move a mass of people in a safe manner from here to there and back; and at the same time, provide a great experience for our Scouts and Scouters.

If you would like to help out as a Bus Captain on the Historic Traveling Camporee to Niagara Falls, complete the volunteer form in the Information and Registration Packet.

Additional Information

For complete details on the
2016 Historic Traveling Camporee to Niagara Falls, NY
including leader guides (youth and adult), planning checklists,
and registration and payment information please click on the link below
to download the complete information packet.

Copies are also available at the Scout Service and Training Center