Dickson Lodge

The Dickson Nature Lodge is a camper favorite Goose Pond. It will comfortably sleep 16 in one large bunkroom, with a separate front room containing a counter, stove, and refrigerator. During the winter, the Capouse campsite latrine is located a few steps away. Shady areas around the lodge allow for up to 10 2-man tents to be pitched.

Lodge Capacity: For small to medium sized units

Special Features: Moderately wooded with central clearing

Latrine type: Latrine is at nearby Capouse campsite

Heat type: Propane wall heater and woodburning stove

Lodge Specifics

The Nature Lodge is used during the Summer as the camps Nature educational headquarters and as a residence for some of the senior Staff.

Fall, Winter, and Spring features:

  • Accommodations for 16 campers
  • Water generally at the Lodge from mid-May to early September.
  • Usually accessible during the winter, occasionally with some restrictions

Location of Lodge in Camp

Lodge Floor Plan